CHAPEAU Music Funding - increasing opportunities for musicians to perform in more social spaces and venues

CHAPEAU is a french word meaning ‘hat’. In Europe it is common for a hat to be passed around inside a venue where a live musician is playing to support him and show appreciation.

Live Solos UK introduces the CHAPEAU Fund to our client venues to support the musicians and to raise even more funds for future live entertainment.

How does it work?

Musicians play their regular gigs in our clients’ venues and receive their normal fee. The client agrees to allow a ‘hat’ (CHAPEAU) to be passed around, offering customers the opportunity to show appreciation for the musician by contributing/donating a few pounds or whatever they choose. This supports the musician and their art. It also provides more funding for future musicians. How does it do this? Read on.

How CHAPEAU Funding creates more opportunities for live music performances

Our musicians agree to donate 25% of their CHAPEAU to be kept in escrow for future performances at the venue. The CHAPEAU fund is only used to augment a fully-paid musical performance - this way both the musician and the venue benefit by what is contributed by customers. Live Solos UK administrates the CHAPEAU fund.

London is full of wonderful musicians and beautiful venues such as restaurants, bars and pubs where customers go to socialise. Music is part of our lives and we want to enable more live music and more revenue available for musicians and their art.

Live Solos UK wants to support more musicians to be able to play for a respectable fee.

We want to make CHAPEAU a registered Charity and are working on this, if you think you can help us achieve this, please get in touch. →