Venues that play music see significantly increased sales when compared to venues that do not play music, research commissioned by PRS for Music has found.

On a typical Friday/Saturday night, venues with music had an average uplift of nearly 50%. Weekdays saw an increase of 21%. The average venue that plays music can take £306 more per day on drinks - with this rising to nearly £700 on weekend days.
— Independent research commissioned by PRS (Performing Rights Society) to understand the 'Value of Music' in pubs, conducted by CGA Strategy Ltd

  • Live music is the best way to increase sales — with 24% of publicans reporting an increase in takings of 25%- 50% on nights when they have music, and 71% reporting an increase of 10-25%.

  • One respondent said: “Since taking over 6 months ago, we do music 6 nights a week where there was none before and profits doubled” ‘The value of music in pubs’ — research conducted by CGA, 2010.

  • On average, pubs without featured music are three times more likely to close than pubs with featured music.