Need a sound technician to enhance the acoustics in your venue?

It may be obvious to the experts, but to most of us it’s not always clear how to ensure that even your recorded music is sounding the best it can.

All of these factors can affect the sound quality of live musicians or recorded music:

  • Shape and size of venue (including height of ceilings and alcoves etc.)

  • Quality of sound system and equipment used (amplifiers, mixers, microphones etc.)

  • Number of musical instruments mixed together

  • Backing tracks used

Real musicians vs recorded music – One sound system doesn’t fit all!

One sound system doesn’t always fit all! So you have a great sound system installed and your recorded music sounds amazing! But what happens when you want to feature one singer, one musician or a band even? Chances are your sound system alone is not going to be able to transmit real music in the most optimised way.

A sound technician is trained to understand the acoustics, how sound waves behave in different spaces and they have the skill of being able to mix several voices, instruments, backing tracks together to sound fantastic.