Featuring a live musician/or musicians at your restaurant or bar is easy and low cost.  Musical entertainment is a must in every social space and adding live musicians to your programme will help you attract even more customers and set you apart from your competitors.

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Choosing the right musician

Whether you have featured musicians before or not we will help you choose the right one and the right repertoire depending on the ambience you want to create, your budget and your audience/clientele. 

We have over 15 years’ experience in the musical entertainment business and we provide regular weekly musicians for several London venues.

We take care of everything. We do all the artist liaison, booking, communicating and invoicing.

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Equipment needed?

We provide all the equipment necessary (PAs/amplifiers, mixers and microphones) and we can connect to your venue’s own sound system. Call us for a visit to check out your venue.

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Do I need a licence to feature live music at my venue? 

“A licence is not required to stage a performance of live music, or the playing of recorded music if: a) it takes place between 08.00-23.00; and b) it take place at an alcohol on-licenced premises; and c) the audience is no more than 500 people.” Find out more from the UK Government website at this link.

Costs and invoicing

We work with your accounts department to get this right and invoice the way you want us to. We invoice one or two days after each performance (unless alternative options are pre-arranged with you). We don’t ask for a deposit but we do ask for prompt payment of invoices to honour our talented musicians.

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